Quantum Cat pdf by sarvesh kumar verma
Quantum Cat pdf by sarvesh kumar verma Download

Dear Students, The Key To Success In Any Competiive Exams Is That How Quickly  You Solve Mathematics Problems With Speed And Accuracy.Thats Why We Are Sharing With You, ‘Quantum Cat pdf by sarvesh kumar verma ’. In this ebook  Lots Of Shortcut Tips And Tricks Have Been Explained , This Gives You Skill To Solve Sums In Seconds. The Keypoint Of Quantum Cat pdf by sarvesh kumar verma Is That Lots Of Examples And Their Solutions are Given In Different Levels i.e., Level 1 , Level 2, Level 3. Ample Questions Are Provided For Practice. So hurry!! Download it today!

Quantitave Aptitude Quantum Cat By Sarvesk Kumar Verma Ebook PDF

Pages- 1000+
Size- 237 Mb

Format- pdf [COMPLETE EBOOK]

The topics covered are:

1. Fundamentals 2. Averages 3. Allegations 4. Ratio, Proportion and Variation 5. Percentages 6. Profit, Loss and Discount 7. CI/SI/Installments 8. Time and work 9. Time, Speed and Distance 10. Mensuration 11. Trigonometry 12. Geometry 13. Elements of Algebra 14. Theory of Equations 15. Set Theory 16. Logarithm 17. Functions and Graph 18. Sequence, Series and Progressions 19. Permutations and Combinations 20. Probability 21. Co-ordinate Geometry CAT



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