Current Affairs Quiz: November 17, 2022

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Which country is the host country for the 19th Conference of CITES Parties?

[A] Japan.

[B] Panama.

[C] Maldives.

[D] Papua New Guinea.

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Correct Answer: B


  The 19th Conference of the CITES Parties is being held in Panama, a Central American country. CITES is an agreement that regulates movement across international borders of certain wild animal and plant species.

  India has proposed protecting a species of freshwater reptile called the Red-crowned Ruffed Turtle under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The turtle in India and Bangladesh is critically endangered.

What is the theme of India’s G20 Presidency in 2022?

[A] One Earth, One Family, One Future.

[B] Data Privacy.

[C] Atman G-20

[D] International trade.

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Correct Answer: A

  India will take over as Indonesia as the G20 president for a one-year term from December 1,

  ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ has been chosen as the theme of India’s G-20 Presidency. The Prime Minister of India announced that the principle of ‘Data for Development’ will be an integral part of the overall theme of our President.

What is the name of the account, held by one bank on behalf of another, often a foreign bank?

[A] Nostro Account.

[B] Vostro account.

[C] Forex trade account.

[D] Settlement Account.

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 Answer: A


Vostro account is the name of the account held by one bank on behalf of another, often foreign bank.

The central government has allowed two banks to open special Vostro accounts, three months after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allowed trade settlement in Indian rupees. Three out of nine have opened accounts – Gazprombank with UCO Bank (Kolkata), VTB Bank (Kolkata). and Sberbank with their own branch offices. The move will facilitate India’s exports to Russia.

‘Artemis’ is the name of the lunar rocket launched by which country?

[A] Israel



[D] China

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Correct Answer: C

The US space agency NASA has launched its most powerful rocket, Artemis, to the moon.

  The 100m long Artemis vehicle aims to send an astronaut capsule towards the Moon. The spacecraft includes the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the Orion capsule.

India organized ‘LeadIT Summit’ on the sidelines of COP27 with which country?

[A] Sweden.

[B] Japan.

[C] Australia.

[D] Denmark.

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Correct Answer: A

India and Sweden hosted the LEADIT Summit on the sidelines of COP2 The LEADIT (Leadership for Industry Transition) initiative was launched by the governments of Sweden and India at the UN Climate Action Summit in September 2019 and is supported by the World Economic Forum.

It focuses on low carbon transition of hard to abate industrial sector. Following the summit, the LeadIT Summit Statement 2022 was launched at the India Pavilion at COP2

Who scripted history by becoming the first batsman in history to reach 4000 runs in T20 Internationals?

A. Paul Stirling

B.Rohit Sharmasi

C.Virat Kohli

D.Martin Guptil

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Correct Answer: C

  India’s star cricketer, Virat Kohli has scripted history as he became the first batsman to score 4000 runs in T20 Internationals in history.

Public Service Broadcasting Day is celebrated to commemorate the visit of which leader to All India Radio?

 A.Mahatma Gandhi

B.Netaji Subash Chandra Bose

C.B R Ambedkardi

D.Jawaharlal Nehru

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Correct Answer: A
Public Service Broadcasting Day is celebrated on November 12 each year. The day commemorates the unique visit of Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1947 to the studios of All India Radio, Delhi.

As per the amendment in Aadhaar Rules, the supporting documents need to be updated every year?

A. 25




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Correct Answer: C

Recently, Electronics and IT.

What is the theme of National Education Day 2022?

A.Education for women

B.Course change, transformation of education

C.Compulsory universal primary education

D.Free and fair education.

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Correct Answer: B

 The theme of National Education Day 2022 is “Change Course, Change Education”

In which of the following cities will India host the Women’s World Boxing Championship in 2023?

 A.New Delhi




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Correct Answer: A

  India will host the 2023 Women’s World Boxing Championships in New Delhi.

The Bihari Puraskar seen in the news is associated with which field?





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Correct Answer: B

Veteran writers Madhu Kankaria and Dr Madhav Hada were awarded the 31st and 32nd Bihari Puraskar. It is one of the three literary awards instituted by the KK Birla Foundation in 1991 and named after the famous poet Bihari.

 Who has won the 32nd Bihari Awards 2022 for his 2015 book of literary criticism ‘Pachrang Chola Pahar Sakhi Ri’?

A. Kumar Bansi

B.Raman Prasad

C.Acharya Ramlochan Saran

D.Dr Madhav Hada

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Correct Answer: D

  Dr. Madhav Hada was awarded the 32nd Bihari Puraskar. Hada won the award for her 2015 book of literary criticism, Pacharang Chola Pahar Sakhi Ri.

  Name the father of modern election science, he’s deceased?

A. Charles William Miller

B.Sir David Butler

C.Edwin Henderson

D.Jim Downing.

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Correct Answer: B

  Sir David Butler, known as the “Father of Election Science”, has died at the age of 98 years.

Who won the men’s singles Paris Masters 2022?

A.Wesley Kulha

B.Novak Djokovic

C.Holger Rune

D.Roger Federer.

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Correct Answer: C

 19-year-old Danish player Holger Rooney defeated six-time champion Novak Djokovic to win his first men’s singles, 2022 Masters title in Paris.

What is the theme of World Usability Day 2022?

A.Design of our online world

B.Human-centered A.I.

C.Our health

D.Design for the future we want.

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Correct Answer: C

The theme of World Usability Day 2022 is “Our Health”

 ‘Indian Biological Data Centre’ (IBDC) has been launched in which state?

A. Sikkim




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Correct Answer: B

Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Jitendra Singh inaugurated India’s first national repository for life science data ‘Indian Biological Data Centre’ (IBDC) in Faridabad, Haryana.

Who won the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy at Eden Gardens, Kolkata?

A. Mumbai

B.Tamil Nadu

C.Himachal Pradesh


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Correct Answer: A

Domestic giants Mumbai produced a perfect performance to beat Himachal Pradesh by three wickets in the final to win their maiden Syed Mushtaq Ali Twenty20 Trophy at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

Which of the following agreed to provide USD 4.5 billion loan for Bangladesh to deal with the economic crisis?


B. Asian Development Bank


D. New Development Bank

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Correct Answer: C

Bangladesh and the IMF reached a preliminary agreement under which global lenders will provide a USD 4.5 billion support package to stabilize its economy and protect vulnerable people.

Which of the following state celebrated ‘Millet Day’ in the state?

A. Bihar

B. Odisha

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. Jharkhand

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Correct Answer: B

The state government of Odisha is declaring November 10, 2022 as ‘Millet Day’ in the state. The date is chosen according to the Hindu calendar, the 1st Thursday of the month of Margasira.

Which railway station has been awarded Eat Right Station certificate with 4-star rating by FSSAI?

A. Lokmanya Tilak Railway Station

B.Nagpur Railway Station

C.CST Mumbai

D.Bhopal Railway Station

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Correct Answer: D

Bhopal Railway Station has been awarded the 4-Star ‘Eat Right Station’ certificate for providing high-quality, nutritious food to passengers.

The All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) has announced who has been elected as its president?

A. Jagdish Gupta

B.Sanjay Kumar

C.Shankar Gola

D.Ramesh Kejriwal

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Correct Answer: D

 The All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) on Wednesday announced the election of Ramesh Kejriwal as its president and Shashi Singh as its senior vice president.

The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) of the Policy Commission has launched women-centric challenges under the 2nd edition of the Atal New India Challenge (ANIC). In which year was the Atal Innovation Mission launched?





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Correct Answer: C

The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is the flagship initiative of the Government of India and was established in 2016 to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

Who was removed from the US “currency monitoring list”?

A. Bangladesh




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Correct Answer: C

India is among the few countries removed from the currency monitoring list of the United States published by the Department of Treasury.

 What is Moody’s estimate of India’s economic growth for 2022?





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Correct Answer: A

Moody’s Investors Service has cut India’s economic growth projection for 2022 to 7 per cent from 7.7 per cent.

When has “Fit School Week” Tufan and Tufani’s mascot been introduced?

A. Neeraj Chopra



D.Rahul Puyal

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Correct Answer: C

 Double Olympic medalist PV Sindhu has launched the mascots Tufan and Tufani for the year 2022 in preparation for the school week.

Who is the first Indian mixed doubles pair to break into the top five of the ITTF Table Tennis World Rankings in November 2022?

 A. Ashok Amritraj and Prakash Amritraj

B.Akhtar Ali and Zeeshan Ali

C.Manika Batra and Sathian Gnanasekaran

D.Ramesh Krishnan and Somdev Kishore Debbarman.

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Answer: C

 Table tennis stars Manika Batra and Gnanasekaran Sathian created history when they became the first Indian mixed doubles pair to enter the top five of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) World Rankings.

Who was the first Indian American politician to hold the post of Lieutenant Governor of the US state of Maryland?

 A. Aruna Milr

B.Kamala Harish

C.Reeth Chilar

D.Manika Khatri.

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Answer: A

Aruna Miller wrote history when she became the first Indian-American politician to win a lieutenant governorship campaign in Maryland, a state bordering the US capital.

Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary was notified in which state?

 A. Andhra Pradesh

B.Tamil Nadu



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Answer: B

In the latest move in wildlife conservation, the Tamil Nadu government has notified a “Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary”.

In which city is the PM Gati Shakti Multimodal Waterways Summit being held?

A. Aligarh




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Answer: C

The PM Gati Shakti Multimodal Waterways Summit will be held at Deendayal Hastakala Shankul (Trade Center and Museum) in Varanasi.

 Whose birthday is Children’s Day dedicated to?

A. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

B.Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

C.Lal Bahadur Shastri

D.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

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Answer: B

Jawaharlal Nehru died in 1964 and Children’s Day has been celebrated to commemorate his birth anniversary ever since.

Reliance India Limited will set up India’s first multi-modal logistics park in which state?

A.A state in Eastern India


C.Tamil Nadu

D.Uttar Pradesh

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Answer: C

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has been awarded the project by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) to build India’s first Multimodal Logistics Park (MMLP) in Chennai.

Neeraj Chopra has become Friendship Ambassador for which country?

A. Switzerland




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Answer: A

The Indian javelin thrower has been roped in by Switzerland Tourism teams to give Indian tourists a glimpse of the fun, adventure and sportiness of the alpine country.

With which country will India sign MoUs in the fields of culture, wildlife, and health?

A. America




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Answer: D

India, and Cambodia have signed an MoU on Culture, Wildlife & Health. Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar held a bilateral meeting with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on the sidelines of the ongoing ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Who was awarded the UK Royal Order of Merit?

A. Rachit Bhargava

B. Venky Ramakrishnan

C. H.S.Ranjan

D. Rachit Ramakrishnan

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Answer: B

Professor Venky Ramakrishnan, a Nobel laureate of Indian origin, has been awarded the Order of Merit – an honorary title bestowed by the British sovereign – in recognition of his distinguished service to science.

How many years was “Greg Barkle” re-elected as ICC President?




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Answer: C


“Greg Barclay” was re-elected President of the ICC for a two-year term.

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