Gaofen-11 03- China’s new satellite launched


“Gaofen-11 03” is china’s new satellite which was launched On November 20, 2021, from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center.

Important Current Affairs Points

  • The Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center is located in the northern province of Shanxi.
  • The satellite was launched by a Long March-4B rocket.
  • It successfully entered the planned orbit.
  • The launch of the satellite is the 397th mission of the Long March Series carrier rockets.


Gaofen is a series of China’s high resolution Earth imaging satellites used for the state – sponsored China High – Resolution Earth Observation System (CHEOS). The first Gaofen series satellite, called the Gaofen 1, was launched in 2013. Gayofen-11 03 is an Earth observation satellite operated by CNSA. It was successfully separated from the Sun-synchronous orbit.

Long March 4B

This satellite is also known as Chang Zheng 4B, CZ-4B and LM-4B. It is China’s cost-effective orbital launch vehicle. The satellite was launched from Launch Complex 1 of the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. It is a 3-stage rocket used to launch satellites into low Earth orbit and Sun-synchronous orbit. The satellite was first launched in 1999 as the FY-1C weather satellite. It was later used in the 2007 Chinese anti-satellite missile test. Only the CBERS-3 satellite launched in 2013 failed.

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