Overhauser Magnetometer

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Overhauser Magnetometer

Indian scientists have developed the country’s first Overhauser magnetometer, a device that will help reduce the cost of sensing experiments used in geomagnetic sampling.

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What is Overhauser Magnetometer?

  • A magnetometer is a scientific instrument used to measure the strength and direction of a magnetic field. It has various applications such as geophysical surveys to locate iron deposits and exploration for shipwrecks.
  • The Overhauser or OVH magnetometer is one of the most accurate magnetometers. It works based on the Overhauser effect. This device has many advantages like high accuracy, high sensitivity and power efficiency.
  • Until recently, Indian scientists relied on imported OVH magnetomers. Now, scientists at the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG) have developed India’s first OVH magnetometer under its technology development programme. The sensor is installed at the Alibag Magnetic Observatory.
  • Testing of the indigenous OVH magnetometer found it to be on par with its commercial counterparts. It is currently being tested for long-term stability.
  • In the future, when it is adopted and used in the space environment, it supports space research programs. Alibag Magnetic Observator Alibiig’s first Geomagnetic Observatory of the Magnetic Abrinter. The observatory was founded in 1904. It is in the Maharashtra Alibag.
  • It is under the administration of the Indian Institute of Geomagneticism (IIG). The Indian Institute of Geomagnetic (DST) is an autonomous research company under the Indian Institute of Geomagnetic under the Indian Government and Technology (DST).
  • The Institute is undertaking research in Geomagneticics and Allied Fields since 1971. India is involved in magnetic observations from 1822 (in Madras). Colaba is provided by the Abservatory (founded in 1841), with the Alibag Observator with 175 years of magnetic field. IIG Group’s works are positively contributing to the local MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) playing and developing others.

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