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“Quantum Cat PDF” is the highly recommended book for Quantitative aptitude preparation. This E-Book is very useful for exams like SSC CGL, CAT, NDA, CDS, UPSC, RAILWAYS and many more similar exams in which quantitative aptitude questions are asked.

The key to success in any competitive exam is your ability to solve complex problems with speed and accuracy. Quantum cat pdf helps you a lot by providing short cut tips and tricks with thorough explanation of questions. These tricks will help you to solve quantitative aptitude problems in seconds.

Aspirant’s analytical and logical ability to solve difficult problems depends too much on quantitative aptitude skill. Thus, quantitative aptitude test acts as a filtering tool for qualifying SSC CGL, NDA,CDS,UPSC,CAT,BANKING etc.

Quantum Cat PDF Important Points

  • Lots of examples and their solutions are given in different levels i.e., level 1 , level 2, level 3.
  • Ample questions are provided for practice.
  • Every year various competitive exams ask plenty of questions taking roots from Quantum cat pdf.
  • Highly recommended by toppers and best selling book on quantitative aptitude.
  • 300 plus concepts explained and more than 5000 problems with thorough solution.
  • Helps aspirants to practice extensively for Quantitative aptitude part of competitive exams.
  • Quantum cat PDF includes lots of shortcut techniques, analytical method, and comprehensive approach to crack competitive exams.
  • Useful to crack competitive exams like ssc cgl, upsc, banking, nda, cds, railways and many more.


The topics covered in Quantum Cat EBook:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Averages
  3. Allegations
  4. Ratio, Proportion and Variation
  5. Percentages
  6. Profit, Loss and Discount
  7. CI/SI/Installments
  8. Time and work
  9. Time, Speed and Distance
  10. Mensuration
  11. Trigonometry
  12. Geometry
  13. Elements of Algebra
  14. Theory of Equations
  15. Set Theory
  16. Logarithm
  17. Functions and Graph
  18. Sequence, Series and Progressions
  19. Permutations and Combinations
  20. Probability
  21. Co-ordinate Geometry CAT






FAQ’s About Quantum CAT PDF

Is Quantum cat pdf provided is complete ebook?

Yes, the quantum cat e-book you get is complete in all respects. All syllabus and topics are included for quantitative aptitude section. You just need to practice questions from this e-book. You will learn shortcut techniques to solve lengthy problems in a matter of seconds.

Is quantum cat enough for SSC CGL?

Yes, quantum cat ebook is enough for SSC CGL preparation. But, the catch is, lots of things depends on your basic knowledge also. Like if your basic on quantitative aptitude is weak, then you need to practice lots of questions and learn more shortcut techniques mainly of level-1 questions. If your basic is good, then you can practice level-2 questions from this book. Overall, this book will be suffice for ssc cgl preparation.

Is CAT book good for SSC CGL?

Yes, definitely, quantum cat book is good for SSC CGL preparation. This book is highly recommended by ssc toppers. Moreover, this book is the most selling book on quantitative aptitude topics. Once you go through the book , you will love it. This book is self explanatory, students even do not need any teachers to understand the concepts of quantitative aptitude and arithmetic section.

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