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Now Download Vajiram & Ravi Anthropology Optional Books For UPSC PDF Notes. This package covers complete study materials for Anthropology UPSC optional. Anthropology is one of the best optional subject for UPSC civil services exam preparation among aspirants.

Anthropology is a social science like history , sociology , economics , political science, which can be opted by students with any educational background. They may come from arts, science, commerce and even from professional background like medicine and engineering students. All of them are at ease while dealing with Anthropology as an optional subject.

Advantage of choosing Anthropology as UPSC Optional

No Specialization Required

Anthropology is a subject which does not require specialization , just one needs some common sense to deal with the subject. Everyone with common sense , having average intelligence  can deal with anthropology excellently and that is beauty of the subject.

Familiarity And Interesting

Subject matter is familiar and highly interesting, since one has to study sociological institutions like marriage , family , kinship , economical institutions , political institutions , religion etc. We are part of these institutions , every human beings as part of this society has been experiencing this institutions in once lifetime. one is going to study all these things in anthropology. Therefore , although you have not studied anthropology in your educational background in your lifetime , yet most part of the subject will be familiar to you.

Apart from these , we have to study caste system , varna system , reservation policy , social transformations , tribal people  which are constituting around 8 % of the total population. So these are to be studied in anthropology optional. Therefore without studying this subject earlier , yet we know lot of things about the subject. So this familiarity makes things interesting. As a result one can easily cope up with the subject and grasp the subject effectively , in a short span of time.

Short Syllabus of Anthropology Optional

Next, the syllabus of anthropology optional is really  a shorter one. Although it appears to be lengthier because each and every aspect to be studied has been elaborately given in the syllabus. Questions will come from the topics mentioned in the syllabus , which are not mentioned in the syllabus will not be asked.

  • For example, in the topics of marriage , UPSC has recommended to study – forms of marriage , definition of marriage , functions of marriage , dowry etc. So if you consider the institution of marriage there are many other things within this institution for example divorce , since it is not mentioned in the syllabus , it will not be asked in the exam.

Because of this elaborations of the topics, the syllabus appears to be lengthier. But actually it is a shorter syllabus. Because we are supposed to do those things mentioned in the syllabus only. Suppose the syllabus has not elaborated things , they have just write institution of marriage and written nothing else, then you have to study each and every aspect of marriage. So things would have been much broader. So do not evaluate the length of the subject.

Anthropology Syllabus Can Be Covered In Short Span Of Time

Moreover, the whole subject one can prepare in an exam oriented manner in a span of three months. After that he is ready for writing exam. Surely , one will be getting very good score. So think, if a subject can be learned in just 3 months, is it lengthier one?

Traditional And Static In Nature

The subject is traditional and static in nature. We have to study tribal societies which is traditional in nature. They are changing but they are very very slow to change. As a result most of the content of the syllabus is highly static. Therefore one should not be after current affairs , newspapers, magazines. Since collecting facts from day to day newspapers and magazines are time consuming. So if things are dynamics , it takes more hard work. One should be up to date then only one can score good marks. But in case of traditional subjects and static subjects like Anthropology , one has not to do all these things thus it can save your time. Moreover, it makes subject easier.

Straightforward Questions

The biggest advantage of the subject is straightforward questions. Questions are completely straightforward. They  just pickup the topic and makes questions from it.

So what is the advantage of straightforward questions?

  • See, if questions are straight forward , you know what can be the questions  therefore you can prepare answers beforehand, you can revise them , you can write them , many times, before exams and go to  exam hall and reproduce your answers directly. Therefore quality of answers will be highly enriched.
  • You can have maximum speed of presentation. As a result you can write all the questions even within a context of time. This advantage is not available in other optional like public administration, sociology, geography. In these almost all the questions are highly twisted. If you cannot understand the demand of the questions , how can you frame your answers. That means you have to write extempore, in extempore writing ,one cannot write things in properly structured manner. That becomes very difficult to give flow to the answers and if one can not do all these thing , he will be given very less marks.
  • But in anthropology because of straight forward questions you can prepare your answers before exam. Therefore , anthropology is very very scoring subject. It is the highest qualifying optional among social sciences therefore day after day its popularity is going high.

Anthropology Optional As A Subject Of Certainty

Anthropology is a subject of certainty also, if you work hard under reliable guidance, you are certain to score extra-ordinarily. There is no such kind of certainty in other optional.

Anthropology Optional : Benefit in General Studies and Essay

Apart from these there is another advantage of anthropology, that is anthropology has many benefits in GS  and in essay as well. In GS it is relevant in cultural part, social issues, polity and governance, science and technology to some extent in ethics as well.


Therefore , anthropology as an optional is the best optional, it is not an isolated subject, it is helpful for GS , essay as well as interview. Therefore if one goes with anthropology in UPSC , there is maximum chances to score high in optional which is key to one’s success in UPSC exam. Even today, it is optional which determines your success. Anthropology as an optional has the maximum benefit for students.

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