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vajiram and ravi notes

Are you aspiring to become an IAS officer? This is your opportunity to achieve that dream in your very first attempt, thanks to the comprehensive “Vajiram and Ravi Notes PDF 2024 Complete Package.” Designed specifically for UPSC IAS 2024-25 batch civil services aspirants, this study material is your key to success.

Every year, 400+ students are selected from vajiram and ravi in UPSC IAS exam’s final list. Now it’s your turn to work hard and become a part of UPSC IAS final list.

Vajiram and Ravi Notes PDF include all the latest 32 Yellow Books for UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation. All study material are the same as provided by correspondent course books (postal coaching). Vajiram‘s yellow books Covers Complete syllabus as prescribed by UPSC for preliminary and mains.

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How Vajiram And Ravi Notes PDF Will Help In UPSC Preparation?

When it comes to cracking any competitive exam, high-quality study materials are essential. With these study notes, you’ll have the necessary resources for effective Civil Services exam preparation. This package includes the 2024 edition Vajiram and Ravi 32 yellow books in PDF format.

Prepare diligently, aim high, and let these meticulously crafted study material guide you toward your IAS goals!

We are pleased to offer the latest study materials from India’s premier institute.

These UPSC study materials comprise Vajiram and Ravi’s 32 yellow books, which prove invaluable for aspirants preparing for the UPSC civil services 2024-25 examination.

The comprehensive package includes meticulously crafted notes that cover the entire syllabus for both UPSC Prelims and Mains. When studied diligently and honestly, these notes guarantee a 100% selection rate.

Rest assured, the topmost and most experienced faculties at Vajiram and Ravi have meticulously prepared these study notes. So, embark on your journey toward success with confidence!

Vajiram Notes: A Valuable Resource for UPSC IAS Prelims & Mains

The UPSC study material is a comprehensive package designed specifically for UPSC civil services exam preparation. In this package, you’ll find the latest edition Vajiram and Ravi Notes in PDF format, along with 32 yellow books. These resources are exclusively available on Xaamadda.

The package includes the Prelims & Mains COMBO study material, featuring the most up-to-date General Studies printed notes. Specifically, you’ll receive 32 yellow books of general studies in English medium, all meticulously crafted to cover the entire syllabus for both UPSC Prelims and Mains.

These General Studies printed notes are invaluable for IAS Mains and Prelims examinations. As a premier institute based in Delhi, Vajiram & Ravi has consistently guided thousands of students toward success in the IAS examination. So, seize this opportunity and embark on your journey toward excellence!

Notes Prepared by Vajiram’s Most Experienced Faculties

The faculties at Vajiram and Ravi Institute bring a wealth of experience to the table. They diligently keep pace with the ever-evolving pattern of the UPSC exam, ensuring that their guidance remains relevant and effective.

Students from diverse backgrounds—ranging from Engineering, MBA, B.Com, B.Sc, Medical, to Humanities—benefit from the coaching provided by Vajiram. Their lucid and straightforward teaching approach caters to all types of learners.

The General Studies content in the “Vajiram and ravi notes PDF study material” is comprehensive and covers all necessary aspects. These UPSC study material are latest and align with what is provided to both postal and classroom students during coaching sessions.

So, rest assured that you’re receiving top-notch guidance from seasoned experts as you prepare for your UPSC journey!

About Vajiram and Ravi: A Short Description

Vajiram and Ravi stands as India’s premier coaching institute for civil services exam preparation. Each year, thousands of aspirants seek admission to this esteemed institution, and a significant number of them achieve their goal by securing a place in the final selection.

At this institute, dreams of becoming an IAS officer come to fruition. Since its inception, this coaching center has guided over 5000 aspirants on their path to entering the civil services. With a legacy of excellence, it continues to empower and shape the future of dedicated individuals aspiring to serve the nation.

Tips for Civil Services Aspirants

Every year, thousands of aspirants take the UPSC IAS exam, yet only a handful emerge successful in the civil services. The preparation for UPSC CSE demands precise and accurate answer-writing skills within a limited timeframe. It’s safe to say that efficient time management is the key to success in both the prelims and mains.

Here are some essential tips for IAS aspirants:

  1. Comprehensive Preparation: Aspirants must diligently prepare for all general studies papers. Regular and extensive study is crucial to cover the entire syllabus.
  2. Best Study Notes: The expert team at Vajiram and Ravi has meticulously crafted the UPSC study notes. These notes serve as a valuable resource for your preparation.
  3. Hard Work and Dedication: Aspirants need to put in a significant amount of hard work. Proper planning, time management, regularity, dedication, and sincerity are essential ingredients for success.
  4. Answer Writing Skills: Answer writing is an art that requires practice. Aspirants should practice writing answers as much as possible. The good news is that anyone can acquire this skill—it doesn’t require any special expertise. All you need is only practice.

Remember, consistent effort and a focused approach will pave the way toward achieving your IAS goals.

key points regarding the Vajiram and Ravi Notes PDF:

  1. Comprehensive Package: The Vajiram and Ravi notes PDF package comprises 32 yellow books for the upcoming UPSC batch, specifically written to help in your UPSC IAS exam preparation.
  2. Self-Explanatory: These books are particularly beneficial for self-preparation. Aspirants need not invest in expensive coaching because these study notes provide clear explanations.
  3. Neat and Printable: The text in these notes is meticulously presented, with a clean white background. Additionally, all PDFs are printable without watermarks.
  4. Complete Syllabus Coverage: Vajiram and Ravi notes pdf cover the entire syllabus for both UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains.
  5. Quality Education and Guidance: These UPSC study material offer quality education and essential guidance, equipping you for the civil services examination.
  6. Expertise of Top Faculties: The best ias study material encapsulate the knowledge and experience of India’s highly qualified and top faculties from Vajiram and Ravi.
  7. Printed Notes in English Medium: All books are printed notes and are available in English medium.
  8. Immediate Start: Simply download the PDFs and commence your preparation today. You can also print out important topics from the PDFs as needed.

Subjects Included In Vajiram and Ravi Notes PDF Package

  1. Economics notes
  2. Indian geography Notes
  3. Physical geography volume-1
  4. Physical geography volume-2
  5. Indian polity and governance notes
  6. Post independence consolidation and re-organization
  7. Science and technology volume-1, 2 & 3
  8. Vajiram and ravi Disaster management notes
  9. Social issues Part-1
  10. Social issues Part-2
  11. Vajiram and Ravi World history notes
  12. Physics | science and technology topics
  13. Chemistry | science and technology topics
  14. Biology | science and technology topics
  15. Environment and ecology
  16. Ethics volume-1
  17. Ethics volume-2
  18. Vajiram and Ravi Indian history notes
  19. International relation (IR) Booklet
  20. Security issues Booklet
  21. Vajiram and Ravi Modern history notes
  22. Indian art and culture notes
  23. Governance issues Booklet
  24. Indian economy volume1
  25. Indian economy volume-2
  26. Science and technology basics
  27. Internal security
  28. Vajiram and Ravi Economics advanced notes
  29. Indian agriculture notes
  30. Indian society notes

Short Descriptions Of Some Of The Books Of Vajiram and Ravi Notes PDF 2024 package

#1. Vajiram and Ravi Economy Notes PDF:

  • The Indian economy section is crucial and highly scoring when studied with proper guidance.
  • This book covers the entire UPSC syllabus, including theory, basics, and contemporary issues related to the economy.

#2. Geography Notes:

  • Geography is a core component for both UPSC prelims and mains.
  • It is one of the most important and highest-scoring subjects for the UPSC IAS Exam.
  • Approximately 15-20% of questions in General Studies Paper-1 come from geography.
  • The syllabus covered in Vajiram and Ravi Geography Notes pdf includes physical, economic, human, and social geography of India and the world.

#3. Vajiram Indian Polity Notes PDF:

  • Indian polity is mostly static in nature and relatively easy to understand.
  • However, attempting questions in this section can be challenging due to their ambiguous nature.
  • In the UPSC Civil Services Exam, around 15 to 20 questions come from general studies polity alone in the UPSC prelims.
  • The Vajiram and Ravi Indian Polity Notes PDF book provides comprehensive content to help you score well in this section.

#4. Vajiram and Ravi History notes PDF:

  • History constitutes the static portion of UPSC General Studies Paper-1.
  • On average, approximately 15% of questions in the UPSC IAS prelims exam come from the history section.
  • Indian history encompasses a vast syllabus, and aspirants should identify and prioritize important topics.
  • These history notes cover all essential topics from both preliminary and mains perspectives.

#5. Science and Technology Notes:

  • Science and technology is a critical topic that students should not neglect, as it is an essential part of the UPSC prelims syllabus.
  • Vajiram and Ravi Science and Technology notes cover both static and dynamic portions.
  • UPSC generally asks questions that demand clarity of concepts in science and technology.
  • This book covers topics such as physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, applied chemistry, and technology.

#6. Vajiram and Ravi International Relations (IR) Notes PDF:

  • The international relations book from Vajiram and Ravi aligns with the UPSC IAS syllabus in General Studies-2.
  • This portion is intriguing, and IAS aspirants should stay informed about current happenings not only within the country but also in our neighborhood and with other countries.

Vajiram & Ravi Tips: Whenever any country is in the news, take out your atlas and familiarize yourself with that country, its capital and its currency.

#7. Vajiram and Ravi Indian Society Notes PDF:

  • Covered under UPSC IAS syllabus for General Studies Paper-1.
  • Indian society is a significant portion and should not be neglected.
  • While it is relatively straightforward, UPSC evaluates aspirants’ understanding of Indian society.
  • These notes provides essential insights and will be useful for your preparation.

#8. Indian Agriculture Notes:

  • Indian agriculture is crucial for the UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  • India being an agriculture-based country, a large population depends on agricultural activity for livelihood.
  • Aspirants must understand the present scenario of the Indian agriculture sector.
  • The Indian Agriculture Notes covers Indian agriculture section as per UPSC CSE requirements.

#9. Vajiram and Ravi Internal Security and Disaster Management notes:

  • Covered in UPSC GS Paper-3.
  • This is a critical topic where lots of questions are asked in both UPSC IAS prelims and mains.
  • The notes cover the complete UPSC CSE syllabus, including local issues (e.g., naxalism, ULFA, Maoist, North East insurgency) and global issues (e.g., terrorism, radicalization of youth).

#10. Vajiram and ravi ethics notes:

  • Ethics Syllabus in UPSC CSE GS Paper 4:
    • The ethics paper is a crucial part of the IAS mains.
    • Aspirants sometimes underestimate its importance due to the perception that it is relatively easy.
    • However, the ethics paper can be tricky due to its unpredictability and the vagueness of the syllabus.
  • Scoring Potential of Ethics Paper:
    • Despite its challenges, the ethics paper is highly scoring among all the GS papers.
    • It tests aspirants’ understanding of ethical concepts and their ability to apply them to real-world situations.
    • Unlike other papers that rely on factual knowledge, the ethics paper focuses on aspirants’ opinions and ethical reasoning.
  • Rank Booster Opportunity:
    • If you genuinely prepare for the ethics section, it can serve as a rank booster.
    • The Vajiram and Ravi ethics notes covers all topics related to ethics, aligning with the latest UPSC CSE syllabus.

Remember, mastering ethics not only enhances your scores but also shapes your perspective as a responsible future civil servant.


Aspiring to clear the UPSC civil services exam in your first attempt? Look no further than the Vajiram and Ravi notes– a must-have study material, as recommended by UPSC IAS toppers. These comprehensive notes cover every topic, from the basics to advanced concepts, meticulously aligning with the UPSC CSE syllabus.

Gone are the days when aspirants relied solely on expensive coaching. Now, even brilliant students living in remote areas of India can fulfill their dreams of becoming IAS/IPS officers. All it takes is regularity, consistency, and the right study material.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Save your precious time—get the Vajiram and Ravi notes pdf today and kickstart your preparation. Rest assured, these are original notes, exclusively available on

This package is your stepping stone toward fulfilling your dream of being an IAS officer.

FAQ’s About Vajiram and Ravi Notes

Where can I get Vajiram Class Notes?

Vajiram and ravi class notes are highly recommended by IAS toppers for UPSC CSE preparation. Students can get vajiram class notes from XaamAdda. We provide best ias study material, which covers complete syllabus for upsc ias exam.

How do I get Vajiram and Ravi study material?

You can get these study material from XaamAdda. Vajiram and Ravi study material includes latest 34 yellow books, NCERT coverage (from class 6th to classs 12th), topic wise current affairs, crispy short notes booklets for quick last minute revisions and a Map of India.

Which is better Vajiram or Vision IAS?

Vajiram and ravi notes is known for its experienced teachers. Vajiram teachers are highly qualified and experienced in their subjects. Vision IAS Notes is known for its quality study material as well as for its current affairs. When combined both vajiram and vision ias notes, students do not need any other study material.


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