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Vision IAS Notes PDF Study Material 2023 to help you succeed UPSC journey. Vision IAS Notes PDF is a set of Complete study material for UPSC IAS 2023-24 exam preparation.

Aspirants can score high marks in UPSC IAS CSE if they spent time analyzing, revising, and practicing answer writing using the knowledge gained in various subjects. With that in mind, Vision IAS Notes PDF Study Material 2023 will help you in quick revision, answer writing, and analyzing the UPSC CSE subjects in a short time with less stress. These Study Material from vision ias classes are in tune with the latest pattern and expectations of UPSC IAS civil service exam (CSE).

vision ias notes pdf

Vision IAS Notes PDF provides aspirants with qualitative as well as quantitative study material which will help them to start their preparation for the UPSC IAS with full confidence.

Vision IAS is India’s top coaching institute for UPSC CSE preparation. Their years of experience, research, and analysis have been included in Vision IAS Notes PDF books. UPSC CSE is a very dynamic exam, every year its pattern changes a lot, so aspirants need to be in tune with their expectations. Vision IAS Study Material is always in tune with the latest UPSC CSE pattern.

Vision IAS Notes PDF is one of the most comprehensive study materials offered by Vision IAS and its aim is to provide aspirants with complete notes for their preparation and guide them toward success.

Why choose Vision IAS Notes PDF?


  1. Vision IAS Notes pdf includes comprehensive coverage of all 4 papers of GS Prelims, GS Mains, CSAT, & essay.
  2. We are here presenting a foundation course by Vision IAS Classes. The Vision IAS notes PDF package is very useful for upcoming UPSC CSE 2023 exam preparation.
  3. Every year hundreds of aspirants study from vision IAS notes pdf to improve their scores. Vision IAS notes is an indispensable study material for every serious aspirant.
  4. Vision IAS notes pdf is a comprehensive and intensive study material that focuses on sincere IAS aspirants.
  5. Study material from Vision IAS will help candidates to understand the concepts of the subject and prepare them for effective answer writing.
  6. Vision IAS notes pdf provides a simple, practical, and focused approach that will help candidates to understand the requirement of the civil service Exam effectively. In this way, aspirants will continuously improve their performance in the right direction.

Here, you can download Vision IAS complete study material pdf, comprehensive study materials for UPSC IAS 2023 exam preparation. This package includes complete study materials for UPSC Prelims and Mains exam from Vision IAS Classes. Vision IAS is one of the leading coaching Institutes which guides UPSC IAS entrance tests.

Following Are The  List of Books Included In Vision IAS Notes PDF

  1. Vision IAS Ancient history notes pdf
  2. Vision IAS geography notes pdf
  3. Vision IAS modern history notes pdf
  4. Vision IAS art and culture notes pdf
  5. Vision IAS international relations notes pdf
  6. Vision IAS science and technology notes pdf
  7. Vision IAS polity notes
  8. Vision IAS world history notes pdf
  9. Vision IAS governance notes pdf
  10. Vision IAS economics notes pdf
  11. Vision IAS internal security notes pdf
  12. Vision IAS ethics notes pdf
  13. Vision IAS medieval history notes pdf
  14. Vision IAS social justice notes pdf
  15. Vision IAS Indian society notes pdf
  16. Vision IAS disaster management notes pdf
  17. Vision IAS general science notes pdf
  18. Vision IAS pt365 prelims and Mains
  19. Many more.. 14 books total Currently.

Written according to the latest pattern of the UPSC IAS Examinations all over India.

All sections are thoroughly explained with ample diagrams and simple language.

Vision IAS Notes PDF has been prepared with the usage of authentic data/facts and the latest information. Each of the books is divided into units/chapters. The Vision IAS books capture most of the important topics covered in the UPSC CSE syllabus. Very useful for UPSC Civil services exam preparation.

How To Choose Best Study Materials Or Books For UPSC IAS Preparation

Whenever we talk about the notes or study materials for UPSC IAS preparations, what are the things that first come to our mind before choosing study materials?

We have to choose study materials for four purposes.

  1. Preliminary Exam
  2. Mains Exam
  3. CSAT Paper
  4. Interview Guidance

So the thing is we need to search a content that is good for Prelims as well as for Mains Exam. If we get the study materials which is best for both stages, then that will be more beneficial. Vision IAS Notes pdf Package contains complete study materials for UPSC Preliminary as well as for the Mains exam.

If you are searching for any study material from only a single institute and you are thinking that only one coaching study material would be sufficient. Then it is not so. If you make mixed notes, means if you take certain things from here and there then it would be a more comprehensive one. The reason is that certain books from certain coaching Institutes are exceptionally good and certain books from coaching that are not good.

As you can see when you have done any coaching. You have seen that in coaching some of the faculties are exceptionally good, some are reasonably good, and some are not good at all. So the notes or study materials are also like that. That is why we recommend you not buy the books/notes from only a single institute rather you should focus on trying to get the notes of a different institute like vision IAS and Vajiram and Ravi.

#1. Vision IAS Notes PDF General Studies Paper-1

If we talk about the GS Paper-1. The different segments are :

  1. History – You will get 5 Books that is –
    • Vision IAS Ancient History
    • Vision IAS Medieval History  
    • Vision IAS Modern History
    • Vision IAS Post Independence era
    • Vision IAS World History
    • Vision IAS Art and Culture

For History, We recommend you to follow History from Vision IAS Notes pdf because Vision IAS study material or books are more comprehensively covered. So you need to focus on the Vision IAS books because it is more concise and more detailed.

  • Geography
    • Physical Geography
    • World History- covering Asia, Europe, etc.
    • Indian Geography

So 3 books of Vision IAS Geography will be provided to you. For the geography segment go for Vajiram and Ravi Notes. Vajiram and Ravi is the best material that is available in the market for the Geography subject. Because Geography is so comprehensively, so beautifully covered in Vajiram and Ravi that none of the notes which is available in the market is better than that of Vajiram.

  • Society -For society- It depends on you, if you want to go with Vajiram then definitely it’s good. Other than that Vision IAS Notes pdf is also good.

So in the final notes, we would suggest for GS-1, you can solely rely on Vajiram. If you want then for Society you can get Vision IAS Notes pdf otherwise it is not required.

#2. Vision IAS Notes General Studies Paper-2

Major 4 subjects are there:

  1. Polity- For polity go for Vision IAS Notes pdf because Vision IAS books are best for the polity subject.
  2. Governance- Because it is a dynamic one and Vision IAS provides you with updated materials, so for governance, you can go for Vision IAS books.
  3. International Relations (IR) – There is a book called Basic of International Relations from Vision IAS that is awesome. For International Relations you have to solely rely on magazines and newspapers but the basics are there and for that, you have to rely on Vision IAS notes pdf.
  4. Social Justice– For social justice, you can go with the Vision IAS study material.

#3. Vision IAS Notes PDF General Studies Paper-3

As we know that in GS-3, we have:

  • Economics 
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Science and Technology
  • Disaster Management
  • Internal Security

So for the whole GS-3, we recommend you go with Vision IAS Notes pdf.

Tips – If any subject is dynamic, you need to go with Vision IAS notes pdf and if certain subjects are static then you should go with Vajiram. Because static subjects are more comprehensively covered and more completely covered in Vajiram.

When we talk about dynamic subjects, Vision IAS Classes have provided more beautiful content. Why we are saying so because Vision IAS has updated the study materials. Vision IAS has inculcated many of the recommendations of the different institution’s Vision IAS pt365. Things that are required for your Mains answer writing have been inculcated into that in Vision IAS PT 365 Mains. Vision IAS Notes pdf are in a more organized manner.

#4. Vision IAS Notes PDF General Studies Paper-4

You will be provided with books of

  • Vision IAS Ethics
  • Vision IAS Case Studies.

You can go with either because Vajiram & Ravi’s notes and Vision IAS notes both are good. But Vajiram is comparatively good in comparison to Vision IAS Notes. Because they provide more concise study materials and more comprehensive ones.


If you want to go only with a single institute then we will recommend you to go with Vajiram and Ravi Notes. Most of the books from Vajiram are better than Vision IAS.  If you see the Yellow Books they are awesome. For dynamic subjects, you should go with Vision IAS Notes pdf from Vision IAS Classes. Dynamic subjects are better covered in the vision IAS study material.

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