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Download Vajiram And Ravi Public Administration Optional Notes/Books PDF For UPSC. This package covers complete syllabus & is very useful to score high.

Now you can get Vajiram And Ravi Public Administration Optional Notes/Books PDF For UPSC CSE Exam. If you go with last three years trends, just if you read Vajiram and Ravi public administration optional notes with understanding then that is more than enough plus some current affairs also. Without attending any coaching classes or by self reading also, one can score very well in Public Admnistration Optional subject. That is the beauty  of this public administration optional.

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You Can Easily Crack IAS Exam , If You Honestly Prepare From These Notes and Practice Answer Writing Regularly.

Short Description About Public Administration Optional Notes

The public administration optional has overall 26 units. If you see Paper 1 , its all about, how  public administration should be?

Whereas what is  paper 2 , its actually how administration is? Like how to recruit, if civil servants are corrupt then how to control them. For all this There is a unit called “control administration”.

While paper-2 is all about how actually administration is? How president is there , prime minister , then district collector , SP , panchayat raj , urban local bodies etc. so these are all covered in the paper-2.


So public administration optional is very easy to read and very easy to score also. One good thing about public administration is , it has lots of GS relevance. So general studies means thousand marks. There are 4 papers all of you know.  If you see GS paper-2 it’s the total governance part, constitution part is totally public administration area.

Paper-3 if you see internal security , disaster management , law and order management ,economical development , etc..are public administration area.

If you see paper-4 the ethics paper almost 50 % again ethics is covered in public administration like personal administration. So 350 marks of your thousand marks gets covered in public administration. So public administration students have this advantage.

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One more thing is you know general essay , if you see every year one topic related to public administration is asked. Apart from this , during interview also public administration related questions are asked like what if you are collector, what you are expected to do if you are SP etc. So certain conduct rules you have to keep in mind , certain foundational values you have to keep in mind when you answer that question. So this will help in your interview or personality test also.

To score well make things simple, don’t complicate the answer.

Why To Opt For Public Administration As An Optional For UPSC CSE?

  • Contribute in GS-2 , GS-3 and GS-4 paper.
  • Paper 2 is about Indian Polity , the only difference is of analysis and view.

Myth- It does not fetch good marks


  • Very good marks can be scored just by fulfilling the demand of the public administration optional subject.
  • Read theory and must understand its current analysis.

Public Administration Teaches

  • Works of indian administration.
  • Emotional intelligence , empathy , sympathy, RTI , e governace , citizen’s charter , quality control , leadership , sevottam etc.
  • GS-4 has more of the public administration and management coverage.
  • Read “ The Hindu” in the light of government decision making and its administrative point of view.
  • Training in PMO , lateral entry etc. Were a part of current affairs and thus were asked in question paper.
  • Role of motivation , leadership , communication , co-ordination and control.
  • You are trained to be a public manager.
  • Public administration takes you to field level and thus trains to be a good administrator.
  • Development theory of public administration is useful in governance of GS-2.

Samples – Public Administration Notes

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