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Now crack NEET with NEET Books which includes Complete Study Materials For NEET Medical Exam. This package includes NEET Biology Notes , NEET Chemistry Notes & NEET Physics Notes – Total 28+ books. NEET aspirants can easily score 700+ if they study from these study materials regularly. This package includes latest Allen NEET Notes Plus NEET Toppers Handwritten notes.

Features of NEET Notes

Below we will mention some of the NEET Notes features which will help you to understand all NEET subjects easily, so that, you should perform best in the NEET Medical exam.
  • NEET Notes are simple , lucid and Self-explanatory , so no other Materials needed. Further, physics, chemistry and biology complete topics are covered.
  • Teachers and toppers have included Detailed theory and concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • NEET aspirants not only can easily solve 80-90% questions of any NEET question bank, NEET Mock tests but also can score 700+ marks in NEET exam. Of course, if they honestly prepare from XaamAdda’s NEET Notes.
  • If you are weak in Physics and chemistry then you need not to worry because Special focus have been given on Physics and Chemistry.
  • Furthermore, Short tricks by Allen NEET teachers, NEET Toppers.
  • Allen NEET Top teachers and Toppers have prepared these study materials, as a result giving you more benefit over other regular aspirants.
  • In addition to, Problem solving methods , solved examples are also included.

How Do You Score 700+ Marks In NEET Exam?

If you want to score 700+ Marks in NEET exam, then we advise you to thoroughly study from these NEET Notes. NEET aspirants should solve as many questions as possible from standard question banks. Make a strict time table to regularly revise NEET notes. If you regularly revise your neet notes then you will not have to start from begining as you move forward. Once you have finished the NEET syllabus, the next step is to retain the knowledge shared in the study materials with problem-solving skills.

Why choose XaamAdda’s NEET Notes?

  1. XaamAdda’s NEET Notes have been Collected from top coachings like ALLEN , AKASH etc. and written by NEET Toppers.
  2. XaamAdda brings you onboard with the mainstream NEET Medical exam preparation so that aspirants shouldn’t miss out on anything.
  3. Focused study material for NEET exam, save your time and no extra burden.
  4. In these NEET notes , aspirants will find important NEET Medical Exam information, NEET exam short tricks and concise theory so that students should memorize topics easily.
  5. In NEET Notes we have Covered problems solving methods which is used by NEET toppers.

Quality of Handwritten Toppers NEET Notes:

  1. Saves your parents hard earned money because these notes delivers the knowledge of neet toppers and coachings.
  2. Latest Edition NEET study materials.
  3. Notes have been Properly indexed with page numbers so that every topic is easily accessible
  4. Notes have been written in clean and readable handwriting. No watermarks.
  5. 28 handwritten books in total which covers all important topics for NEET in detail with solved examples wherever needed.

“Written by NEET Toppers, Taught by top Teachers”– XaamAdda brings to you the knowledge of both.

Description Of NEET Notes

Of course, XaamAdda’s NEET study material is a complete and comprehensive package for the preparation of NEET, AIIMS and all other medical entrance examinations. NEET & AIIMS top rankers prepare these study materials , so that beginner students also get benefit. Every NEET topics have been covered in these study materials from basics to advanced. Of course, NEET complete study material including ALLEN NEET Printed Notes Plus NEET toppers handwritten notes cover all the important topics of  NEET/AIIMS exams. Not only these NEET study materials are to the point but also well researched. In simple words, NEET study materials cover almost all the important topics of Biology, Physics & Chemistry. In these NEET study materials you will find important NEET short tricks and concise theory of subjects. So that, NEET aspirants memorize topics easily.


Of course, NEET is a highly competitive exam and aspirants require a lot of hard work and practice, to crack this exam. XaamAdda Team understand that the students need the right study materials, notes & knowledge for AIIMS/NEET exam. For this purpose, we asked a lot of  NEET students and they said that they do not know how to start NEET preparation? & what to study for this exam?

How Can I Start NEET At Home?

XaamAdda Team launched a product named NEET Complete Study Material ( Allen NEET printed notes + NEET Toppers handwritten notes). In other words, it’s a perfect mix of the experience and hard work of both the coaching institutes and NEET Toppers. XaamAdda Team has carefully compiled these neet study materials with good handwriting, so that you should get short and concise theory of the NEET topics.

Benefit Of More At Low Cost

In India, of course, Coaching institutes are very expensive and they charge lakhs of rupees for their study materials, experience and knowledge of the NEET exam. Above all, XaamAdda’s NEET study materials bring the benefit of both at a very low price.

Key to Success For NEET Exam

These NEET study materials will surely help you a lot in your preparation. We also advise you to go through NCERT books of biology, physics, and chemistry. Because these are a good source of basic knowledge. Aspirants need to join a reputed test series for self evaluation. Read newspapers daily so that you should keep yourself updated about current events of the nation and the world.

NEET Complete Study Material Contains Following Books

NEET Chemistry Contain 4 Books

Organic Chemistry:

Basics of organic chemistry, the nomenclature of organic chemistry, isomerism, practical organic chemistry, general organic chemistry, tautomerism, Reaction intermediates, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Alkyl halides, Aryl halides, Alcohols, Ethers, Carbonyl compounds, Carboxylic acids and its derivatives, Amines, Carbohydrates, Amino acids and proteins, Polymers.

Inorganic Chemistry: 

Co-ordination compounds, periodic table & periodic properties, Hydrogen, S-block, salt analysis, D and f block, P-block, metallurgy.

Physical Chemistry 1: 

Basic Concept of Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Thermodynamics, Mole concept, Chemical equilibrium, Ionic equilibrium.

Physical Chemistry 2: 

Gaseous state Redox Reaction, Chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, surface chemistry, solution, solid-state, chemical bonding.

NEET Physics Contain 4 Books

Physics 1-

Basic maths, Unit & dimension, Vector, Error in measurements, Kinematics, Newton laws of motion, Work, energy and power, Collision, Center of mass, Circular motion.

Physics 2– 

Rotational dynamics, Gravitation, Solids, Mechanical Properties of Fluids, Heat, Thermodynamics, Thermal radiation, Thermal expansion, Wave theory, Doppler effect, Fluid dynamics, Elasticity, Surface tension, Errors.

Physics 3

Ray optics, SHM and oscillation, Lens, Prism, Optical instruments, Wave optics, Polarization, Photoelectric effect, Modern Physics, Nuclear physics, Dual Nature of Light.

Physics 4

Electrostatics, Current electricity, Magnetic field & its effect, Magnetism, Magnetic material, Electromagnetic induction,  Matterwave, Radioactivity,  Electronics, Capacitor, Inductance, Alternating current, Electrical device, Em waves, Communication system.

NEET Biology Contain 6 Books


The plant kingdom, Angiosperms, Structural organization in plants, Cell Division, Cell-The Unit of Life.


Plant Physiology, Mineral & Nutrition, Mutation, Genetics, Reproduction, DNA, Diversity in plants.


Biological Classification, Structural organization in animals, Disease, Cell Biology, Ecosystem, Population & Species.


The Animal Kingdom, Blood, Tissues, Morphologies of Frog/Cockroach/Earthworm, Biomolecules.


Digestion & Absorption, Human Physiology, Evolution, Animal Husbandry.


Human Health & Welfare, Biomolecules, Digestion.

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