Best History Notes for UPSC by 99Notes IAS Institute

History Notes for UPSC

Best History Notes for UPSC: Achieving mastery in History for both UPSC Prelims and Mains is challenging yet crucial for aspirants to score high in the UPSC Civil service exam. Considering the latest History syllabus and UPSC exam pattern, 99Notes providing top-notch history notes. These notes are aligned with the UPSC syllabus, and Cover each topic and provide facts and data, available in standard books. This will save your time and you can utilize your preparation with the help of these Notes. 99Notes is one of the Reputed IAS Coaching in Delhi, provides courses for IAS Exam like: GS foundation course, optional classes, Free Mock Interview test and crass courses.

History Notes for UPSC by 99Notes

99Notes has provided all these notes for free on their website. The Notes cover Major Topics like:

Not just the Major Topics But you can find Sub-topics in detail at 99Notes Official Website.

Complete Ancient History Notes

Topics Covered Under Ancient History Notes
1. What Is History
2. The Stone Age
3. Chalcolithic (Stone Copper Age)
4. Harappan Civilisation (3300BCE- 1300BCE)
5. Various aspects of Harappan Civilization
6. The decline of Harappan culture
7. Vedic Culture
8. Later Vedic Phase
9. The Mahajanapadas
10. Persian and Greek Invasions
11. Religious Traditions: Jainism, Buddhism and Shramanism
12. Mauryan Empire (321BC-185BC)
13. Understanding Mauryan society
14. Sources of Mauryan History and Ashoka’s Edicts
15. Post Mauryan Age
16. Megalith and Sangam Age
17. Age of Satvahanas
18. The Gupta Empire (from 240AD to 455AD)
19. India during its Golden Age
20. The Deccan states of Ancient India (300-750 AD)
21. The Post Gupta Age

Complete Medieval History Notes

Topics Covered Under Medieval History Notes
1. The Tripartite struggle
2. The Chola Empire (850-1200AD)
3. The Rajput States
4. Evaluation of Rajput States
5. Regional Powers in South India and Deccan
6. Delhi Sultanate
7. Socio-cultural Impact of the Delhi Sultanate
8. The Vijayanagar Empire
9. Bahamani Kingdom and Deccan Sultanates (15th – 17th century)
10. The Bhakti movement
11. Bhakti movement in North India
12. The Advent of the Portuguese
13. The Mughal Empire
14. Economic and Cultural Impact of the Mughal Empire
15. The Decline of the Mughal Empire
16. Maratha Empire

Complete Modern History Notes

Topics Covered Under Modern History Notes
1. The advent of the Europeans in India
2. Establishment of the British Empire in India
3. British Expansion in Deccan
4. The revenue settlements during the British rule
5. Social and Cultural Awakening Before 1857
6. Civil and Peasant Uprisings
7. Tribal Movement
8. The Era of Deliberately Manufactured Annexation
9. The Revolt of 1857
10. Administrative Unification under the British Empire
11. The Economic Impact of British Rule
12. Early Political Activities: 1858-1905
13. Swadeshi Movement
14. The First Phase of the Revolutionary Movement (1907-17)
15. Home Rule Movement
16. The Emergence of Gandhi
17. Champaran Satyagraha and the Concept of Satyagraha
18. The Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms and the Government of India Act, 1919
19. Rowlatt Act and Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
20. Non-Cooperation Movement: 1919-1922
21. Khilafat Movement
22. Civil Disobedience Movement
23. Rise of Communalism
24. Impact of World War I on India
25. Simon Commission and Nehru Report
26. Revolutionary nationalism 2.0
27. Debate on future strategy after the Civil Disobedience Movement
28. Quit India Movement
29. Salt Satyagraha (Namak Satyagraha) or Dandi March
30. Round Table Conferences
31. Formation of the Indian National Army (INA) and Subhas Chandra Bose
32. Cripps Mission
33. Cabinet Mission Plan
34. Mountbatten Plan and Indian Independence Act, 1947
35. National Movements in the Princely States
36. Partition of India

Other Important Sources of History Notes for UPSC preparation

Below we have mentioned other sources to prepare for History for UPSC exams.

  • NCERT Textbook (Class 6-12) – Fundamental texts for building a solid base in history, widely recommended by UPSC achievers.
  • History of Modern India” by Bipan Chandra
  • Medieval India” by Satish Chandra
  • Modern History of India” by Rajiv Ahir
  • Books by Romila Thapar– for Ancient Indian History
  • 99Notes History study Material: Known for their strong study material, beneficial for UPSC aspirants
  • Drishti IAS Academy Notes


For UPSC aspirants, looking for history notes from authoritative sources, 99Notes IAS Institute’s UPSC Notes stands as a pivotal resource. These handwritten notes are well structured, with proper addition of maps and table to easy understanding, offering detailed knowledge and insight that aligns perfectly with UPSC Syllabus. This empowers candidates to navigate the complexities of the examination with confidence and clarity. This guide provides a comprehensive list of resources and tips for compiling the best UPSC notes for History, assisting candidates in their journey toward achieving their goal to become IAS, IPS, and IRS etc.

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