Crack UPSC 2025 with the strategy given by IAS Divyansh Singh

IAS Divyansh Singh

The UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams in India. To crack this difficult examination, better strategies and tactics are required. Therefore, we have brought to you the strategy given by IAS Divyansh Singh. With its help, you can prepare yourself much better for the upcoming 2025 UPSC exam. Apart from this, you can also learn a lot from it.

Divyansh Singh is a resident of Jaipur, Rajasthan. He got the post of IAS in the fourth attempt of UPSC.

Divyansh Singh belongs to the 2021 IAS batch and has topped the country by securing 49 ranks. It’s worth noting that, Divyansh Singh gave his first IAS attempt in 2018 in which he did not get success in Mains.

Apart from this, in 2019, he got IRS service, and his rank was 484.

Whereas in 2020, the rank was 425.

But even after giving three attempts, Divyansh Singh had the desire to retake the Civil Services exam and achieve the IAS service.

Therefore, he gave the UPSC exam again in 2021 and topped with 49.

He was also given IAS service.

Let us tell you that Divyansh Singh has qualified for the UPSC IAS Prelims exam four times.

With this, IAS Divyansh Singh has shared many tips with the upcoming aspirants.

So let us know some such strategies that are going to prove to be a boon for UPSC 2025.

Standard books with a concise syllabus are necessary.

The UPSC exam has a vast syllabus, making it challenging to cover comprehensively.

Therefore, it is very important for students to do smart work along with hard work.

If you’re preparing for the UPSC, prioritize a single standard book that covers your syllabus.

Avoid the error of purchasing excessive books for a single subject.

Excessive books may confuse you, affecting your preparation negatively.

Thus, take thorough notes on each subject and commence your preparation accordingly.

These strategies will significantly aid your exam preparation, ensuring strong performance.

Limited time for current affairs

Current affairs are crucial for prelims.

However, instead of spending 2 to 3 hours initially reading newspapers, which can be time-consuming, it’s advisable to allocate one to one and a half hours for current affairs.

Consider reading monthly magazines to grasp current affairs concepts effectively.

Additionally, utilize test series for preliminary exam preparation to boost confidence and enhance your chances of scoring well.

Stay motivated and set goals.

Divyansh Singh emphasizes the challenge of maintaining motivation during UPSC IAS preparation, especially amidst mental pressure and the fear of failure.

In such times, it’s crucial to stay motivated, maintain a calm mindset, and dedicate ample time at home, particularly if your parents are with you, as their support can enhance exam performance.

Additionally, setting personal goals is paramount.

Begin each day by establishing clear study objectives, including which subjects to focus on and what percentage of the syllabus to cover.

This approach facilitates a quicker grasp of concepts.

Time management and breaks from studies

Effective time management is essential when preparing for any major competitive exam, especially the UPSC.

Properly managing your time can greatly contribute to achieving your goals.

Additionally, taking regular short breaks from studying is important to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Consider taking a break one day per week; for instance, Divyansh Singh often reserves Sundays as his break day.

This balanced approach can lead to successful exam preparation and performance.

If you encounter any confusion or need inspiration, you can watch IAS Divyansh Singh’s story on the Josh Talks YouTube channel.

If you want to read articles related to UPSC then visit Josh Talks UPSC website or comment below.

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