Economics Notes For UPSC Optional 2022

economics notes for upsc
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Economics Notes For UPSC Optional 2022-23 are the best notes prepared by most experienced teachers of top institutes like Sriram, Vajiram, Raus and vision.

Economy has always been one of the most scoring and high success rate optional subject among IAS aspirants.

Economics notes for UPSC optional will help you to score good marks, thus increasing your success rate in economics.

As you can see, there have been many toppers who chose economics as an optional for example, in the year 2018, Anurag Kumar scored rank 48 in UPSC IAS. Similarly , in 2017 Abhijeet Sinha scored rank 19 in UPSC IAS.

Economics notes for UPSC have been written in such a way that it covers almost 60% part of the GS Paper 3 of UPSC syllabus.

Economics notes for UPSC optional contains following books/topics

  1. Microeconomics- basics and advanced
  2. Macroeconomics- basics and advanced
  3. Money and banking
  4. International economics
  5. Growth and development
  6. Public finance
  7. Indian economy- pre-independence era
  8. Previous years questions
  9. Indian economy- after independence: the pre-liberalization era
  10. Monetary policy and planning
  11. Indian economy- after independence: the post-liberalization era

Total books– 11

Total pages – 1800

Benefits of economics notes

Do you know? IAS aspirants can easily score 30 plus marks in UPSC prelims by studying economics notes for UPSC optional.

  • Economics books and study materials in this package covers complete UPSC economics optional syllabus.
  • The language used in economics notes is so lucid and simple that IAS aspirants of any background, who do not have any previous knowledge of economics subject can also score good marks in this subject.
  • In economics notes for UPSC optional , crystal clear concepts are given with neat and clean graphs and diagrams, thus any aspirants can write good answer.

TIPS-  To score good marks in economics, your mathematics basics should be good. Economics notes covers applied maths also.

Economics notes for UPSC optional also covers previous years economics papers, so that IAS aspirants can judge themselves of their strength and weaknesses.

The economics notes for UPSC will also help in other exams like Banking, RBI, SBI, IBPS etc.

The overlapping between economics optional and general studies paper 3 has its own advantage.

Aspirants can refer these economics notes for UPSC optional and study topics from these books. Economics notes from Sriram, Vajiram, Vision & Raus are the best books, if one is considering economics as optional.

Why to choose economics notes for optional preparation?

All important topics like microeconomics, macroeconomics, money, international economics, growth and development and many more are comprehensively covered in economics notes.

Aspirants can co-relate the content with the UPSC syllabus and practice answer writing as much as they can.

In economics notes of Sriram, Vajiram and Raus, you will find almost every topics like introductory and intermediate microeconomics and macroeconomics, public economics, development and international economics including environment and welfare.

Even if you have weak basics in economics, you can easily excel and score good marks, if you honestly prepare from economics notes.

Sriram IAS economics has always been the number one resource for UPSC aspirants. So if you prepare fro Sriram IAS Economics, then economy will be like a cakewalk for you.

How aspirants should prepare economics for IAS optional?

The very first thing that you have to do is to decide yourself , if your economics basics is good enough. If its good , then you can jump to economics notes for upsc optional right away. If your basics is not good then you should start from the basics NCERT books.

Step-1: Clear economics basics

read NCERT economics books from class 8 to 12. This will clear your basics in economics.

Step2: Increase your your knowledge

Read economics notes for upsc from Sriram, Vajiram, Raus, and Vision.

Step-3: Prepare own short notes

If you study from standard books, then read only the topics which are part of UPSC syllabus. Aspirants should make short notes of important topics which can be revised in short time.

 Step-4: Practice answer wrting

Aspirants should practice answer writing as much they can. A good answer writing is an art which can be achieved only by practice. Aspirants should practice answer writing from previous years question papers of economics optional.

Step-5: Revise current affairs

Economics is a subject of both static and dynamic in nature. If you want to score good marks in economics then you must include current events topics in your mains answer. So always stay updated with current happenings.


  1. Sriram IAS economics notes
  2. Vajiram IAS economics notes for UPSC optional
  3. Raus economics notes

Tips: aspirants should always stick to the prescribed syllabus while reading economics books.

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